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 It seems that MOOC’s – Massive open online courses – have been talked about from the Huffington Post to the most humble blogs. Recently, I had the honor of participating in one of the more famous ones, Modern and Contemporary Poetry (or ModPo), taught by Al Fileris of University of Pennsylvania on The sign […]

Spend Life Like It’s Summer

What has summer been for us? It’s our break time from school, that’s it right? You could keep things simple and leave the previous comment as the only explanation of summer, but I like to recognize some of the significant ways a vacation can change our lives. During summer, a high school student is given […]

The Successful Student

High school was the time that some people spent relaxing before they had to become a legal adult. They tried drugs, partied, dismissed work assignments, skipped class. As strangers sometimes tell me: you’re supposed to be having the time of your LIFE! I cannot relate to the above. I always try to pass the toughest […]

A Brick

We all have our fears, our weaknesses, that Achilles’ heal. Sometimes we forget about them when our phobias are absent, making us feel strong and confident like never before. It’s as if our lives are as perfect as we pretend certain celebrity’s or role models are, before they shave their heads and are harassed by […]

The Government’s Decisions (And Why I am Now TERRIFIED)

Today, my mother and I had a conversation about colleges. Well, actually, she just told me about colleges and why she was right, I was wrong, the usual dialogue between us. Other mothers do that right? Anyways, she told me what I knew all along, but won’t admit aloud: we can’t afford to send you […]

Help For My Photography

As I mentioned in my first post, I am bad at photography. I could blame it on the fact that I’ve never owned a camera – which is pretty rare for a teenage girl in America, it seems – or I can blame it on some abstract entity named the Universe who wants to watch […]

The First Post

As the posts accumulate – and hopefully the readers as well – this first post will eventually be lost or forgotten. Today, however, it will be the only post on my naked and new blog! With this said, I will dedicate this blog to describing what the heck I was thinking when I decided to […]