After two-three weeks of having this blog, I’ve finally found how to edit this About page. Now I need to learn about design and customize the rest of this blog! Most of anything you want to know about my aspirations can be found Here. While I could tell you all the things that I hope to be one day, I honestly don’t think they’ll describe me too well. Instead, let me tell you some things you might not find in another About page. I like to wake up and drink a cup of caffeine, then procrastinate on whatever I was supposed to be doing for the rest of the day. I’ll read a book instead of doing the yoga routine I once had. I like to avoid my brother because I’m reserved and he enjoys hugging me too often. He usually ends up squeezing me to death anyways. I like to talk about world issues, politics, books, learning, and philosophy with my friends. I also would like to say I have a small amount of high school friends. I feel comfortable in crowds, uncomfortable at small parties, and splendid with two close friends. I find walking the best way to travel and libraries  the best place to travel to. Finally, I would like to admit this: I’m addicted to the Internet and vanilla milkshakes. Welcome to my blog. It’s the writing of a pretty average girl, but I hope you read on anyways.


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