Spend Life Like It’s Summer

What has summer been for us? It’s our break time from school, that’s it right? You could keep things simple and leave the previous comment as the only explanation of summer, but I like to recognize some of the significant ways a vacation can change our lives.

During summer, a high school student is given more freedom. You get a job, drive a car around town, spend a day with friends, or visit a library or museum for an entire afternoon. When there is more time available to spend as you wish, we begin to think about what we want to do and why it matters.

I remember last summer, I got to spend an afternoon with three of my friends. We ate pizza, played on a dance machine, strolled through the streets. We ate frozen yogurt and visited a Beall’s store.We even tried on dresses and high heels together. It doesn’t seem like anything thrilling- to be honest, it was something any other person would do – but it proves to me the significance of summer. It’s throughout this free time, when you could be staring at Facebook statuses at home, you instead spend hours with your friends.  

You end up taking funny pictures together that still hang on someone’s wall. A cup of cookie dough, fruit, chocolate chips, and cereal reminds you of how everyone forked over their remaining change to share an unusual snack mix together. People giggle when they’re at a dance, remembering a day when they were as nicely dressed but more goofy. One person shares a tale about the awkward way we twitch on those Dance Revolution games. We all look at each other and try to plan another trip to Tropical Yogurt in Weslaco. 

You develop friendship bonds, stop a car from running you over and suddenly get a new story to tell, and possibly figure out that you can do some cool dance moves in a pair of four inch heels. Sometimes, you can look at a building and smile at the memories it holds. You can smile back on the memory of that summer. You remember that you spent it with people who matter. As long as you spend the rest of your life like you spend it in summer, you will have no regrets.




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