Help For My Photography

As I mentioned in my first post, I am bad at photography. I could blame it on the fact that I’ve never owned a camera – which is pretty rare for a teenage girl in America, it seems – or I can blame it on some abstract entity named the Universe who wants to watch me fail. I’ll just blame the Universe.

Photography didn’t seem like something I could fail at. I mean, I just thought you took a nice looking picture and suddenly you were a photographer. All the Tumblr girls taking pictures of themselves in the mirror and watching sunsets seemed to be experts in this line of photography. Why couldn’t I do it? Oh, that’s right, I lacked knowledge about photography!

(What I’ve seen on the internet)

Being a (terrible) amateur photographer, I started asking advice from people to see what tips they could give me. I hunched over my computer screen, sleep deprived, examining photography blogs in the middle of the night trying to find free advice for newbies. So far, the best help that has come to me is from my neighbor, Mr. Jerry Whitaker. He gave me an old book titled: The Art and Techniques of Journalistic Photography. I am extremely thankful for this book. Though it only covers film photography, the tips about Form, Expressive, and Representative photography are as wonderful as the black-and-white photographs decorating the pages of the book.

Now, I know that my lack of practice needs to change, so I discovered a disposable Kodak in my closet, went outside, and took pictures. I snapped photos of a house, a tree trunk, that same tree’s leaves, a whole bunch of things. Then, I lost the camera. This is the work of the Universe, I know it.

(My photography equipment)

Eventually, I’ll show you the pictures. Once I find that camera, of course. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it got sucked into a spontaneous black hole made from a tear in the fabric of reality and time. It is the Universe’s shenanigans we’re talking about here.

(Shaking my fist at the Universe)


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